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Commercial and Residential Water Line Replacement in Seattle

Water line problems are easily remedied with the help of Full Bore Trenchless solutions. We help home and business owners in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham and all around the greater metro Seattle area.

Our trenchless water line replacement services minimize expense and disruption so we can get your water flowing again!

Contact Full Bore now in Seattle at (206) 259 0415.

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What causes water line issues?

It’s important to properly diagnose what’s wrong with your water line before the repairs begin so you’re assured the problem is gone for good.

  • Root Infiltration – Roots are one of the most common problem that back-up or crack water lines. Shrubbery and trees can send roots into your pipes and cause pressure that leads to cracks, low water pressure in your house, or leaks in your yard.
  • Cold Weather – In colder weather, water lines can expand and contract as the weather chills and then warms up. This activity can weaken your pipes and lead to cracking, leaks and eventually a water line blowout that can flood your house, yard and life.
  • Pipe corrosion – Older pipes will corrode over time. Water lines more than 30 years old are particularly vulnerable. If you purchased on older home that has never had the water main replaced, you should know that your clay, steel, iron or tile pipes are at risk.
  • Soil condition and ground movement – The density of your soil, ground movement and your house settling can all put increased pressure on your water line. Anything that changes the force placed on your pipes can be a factor in leaks or a burst pipe.
  • Improper installation – Sometimes a water line can go bad because it was improperly installed to begin with or a water line replacement or repair was faulty. If you have a newer home with no other apparent causes for the leak, installer error may be the issue.

What are the warning signs of water line problems?

Most of the time, there are symptoms that tell you that your water line has a problem long before it reaches a breaking point. These can include:

  • Weak or damp ground in your yard along the path of the water line
  • Water damage in the interior of your home
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Stuttering faucet where water comes in spurts instead of a steady stream
  • Unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Noise in the pipes leading into the house when water is in use

If you have water coming from the ground or foundation, there’s no doubt that your water line problem has reached a crisis points and needs immediate repair or replacement. Don’t ignore the symptoms of a water line problem. What could start as a repair could lead to the need for a full water line replacement if left too long.

Does your water line need repaired or replaced?

Typically a water line will need replaced only once in the lifetime of your home – if the replacement is done with quality materials and by an expert. For some problems, repair may be enough to restore your water line to working condition. Water line problems can be frustrating and costly. Left unchecked, a water leak can cause damage to other parts of your home that will also need repairs such as to your foundation or flooring.

If you’re experiencing any of the water line symptoms listed above or have seen water in your yard, soft spots or water flowing from a line, call Full Bore today in Seattle at (206) 259 0415.

We use the latest trenchless technology to ensure the best results and competitive pricing. Full Bore is family owned, is the top residential and commercial underground contractor in the Seattle area and we never outsource to subcontractors. Click here for a free quote on your water line problems


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