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At Full Bore Inc. one of our specialized services is horizontal directional drilling, which can prove to be useful if there are many obstacles in the installation of utility lines. Gas, water and electric industries use this technique for “street to the house” and last-mile pipe laying installations.

For services that entail installations of pipe in less than 300 feet, our technicians work with a smaller drill machine. As more and more industries rely on horizontal drilling, we implement our top-notch services with piercing tools. Our expertise allows us to install smaller diameter pipes in compressible soils, using only a minimal amount of excavation to retrieve or launch the rig. With this setup our crew can lay down pipes up to a hundred feet, which is ideal for utility installation under existing structures and landscapes.

A Less Disruptive Alternative To Trenching

The problem with traditional digging is that it destroys the landscape and leaves a much larger footprint as compared to opting with trenchless technology. At Full Bore Inc., our pipe piercing process involves the use of pneumatic tools to create a compact hole. This start gives contractors the ability to install utility lines without having to worry about obstructions above the ground, including lawns, buildings, streams, parking lots, driveways and roads. We can install cable, electrical, fiber, water and underground gas lines under streets, buildings, properties and yards with minimal disruption to the traffic and to the environment. There’s less mess and clean-up work after the project is completed.

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Full Bore Pipe Piercing Technology

Our piercing process is simple- a piercing tool is sized to match the desired diameter of the hole. Our technicians create an entry and exit point 10 times the diameter size of the tool, i.e., a 3 inch tool will have to create a 30 inch pit, and so on. After the pit is created, our professional technicians string compressor hoses to power the piercing tool. The tool is then affixed to the air supply and placed along the entry pit, level to the ground and aligned to the exit point.

The piercing tool gets shot from the entry to the exit point, driven by compressed air and boring parallel to the allocated path on the ground. Once the boring is completed the piping conduit is then installed along the hole. Production is rated at one foot per minute when the conditions are right. The bores created by the piercing tool range anywhere from 44 to 203 mm, or 1.75 to 8 inches, and up to 15 feet or 15m in length. Longer bores can be done using the stitching process.

In stitching, shorter bore shots are done (less than 50 feet in one go), which allow our crew to find utilities while excavating the launch pits simultaneously. It’s cost-efficient, accurate and improves the overall productivity of installation projects. For instance, a single project can call upon a 4-man crew to lower labor costs while still being able to accomplish 400+ feet pipeline installations, including restoration and excavation each day.

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Work with Your Trusted Pipe Experts at Full Bore Inc.

At Full Bore Inc., you can count on our attention to detail and top workmanship to complete services efficiently. We have the tools, the equipment and the drilling techniques and skills you need to turn your plan into fruition.


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