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Leaking pipes are a common problem in sewer lines of any age and are difficult to diagnose without a professional inspection. These leaks are generally caused by corrosion or a damaged of your line and will cause further damage to your plumbing system if left alone. At Full Bore, Inc., we use industry-leading, trenchless technology to diagnose your leaking pipe and repair it effectively.

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Signs Your Seattle Area Pipes Have a Leak

Most of your pipes are underground which can make it difficult to tell if you have a leak in your pipe system unless you know what symptoms to look out for on your property. Some of the most common ways to tell if you should call a pipe professional for leak detection assistance include things like a high water bill, mold on the interior or exterior of your property, low water pressure, cracks in your foundation, puddles or pools of water around your property or near pipes, and large wet spots in the interior of your home or business. A high utility bill is one of the biggest indicators that you could be experiencing a leak somewhere within your pipes. Additionally, discolored areas on your floor, ceiling, or walls can demonstrate a more serious leak that needs immediate repair before it causes additional damage to your property.

Ways to Solve Leaking Pipes

Our teal at Full Bore, Inc. understands that a leaking pipe needs a lasting repair quickly. We always do our best to implement trenchless services wherever possible so that we can save you time and money.

Camera inspection

One of the most important parts of a leak repair is leak detection. Our advanced camera technology on top of isolation testing allows us to pinpoint the exact location and type of leak you may have. Isolation testing can use smoke or liquid to determine exactly where the leak is at, especially for smaller pinhole leaks.

Hydro Jetting

If your leak is caused by an intrusion, such as a tree root, we will use hydro jetting to blast away any blockages and prepare the site for repair. Hydro jetting is an extremely effective and safe trenchless service that will restore your water flow quickly.

CIPP lining

Cured-in-place-pipe lining also known as CIPP lining is a trenchless method we use to repair weakened areas of your pipe that do not require replacement. This service involves coating the interior of your lines with epoxy to restore your pipes flow and give you a water-tight seal.

Pipe bursting

If your pipes are damaged enough to need replacement, Full Bore, Inc. may recommend pipe bursting. This service is simple and fast compared to digging on your property or replacing the entire system. With a piece of technology called a bursting head, we are able to insert it into your lines to break away the damaged area and pull in a new pipe seamlessly.

If you are concerned you have a leaking pipe, our team at Full Bore, Inc. is happy to inspect and repair your line whenever you need it. Call us today to speak to a professional.


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