Why Excavation is an Important Pipe Repair Service

There are times where we can inspect and repair the pipes on your Seattle property through trenchless means. This means that we can access your pipes from one small area of your property and fix the problem. However, this is not always possible. There are times where we will need to excavate the pipe to…

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5 Benefits of Trenchless Repairs

While trenchless repairs have been around for several decades, this method of pipe repair has only continued to revolutionize the industry and grown to become a more practical method of repair. These repairs not only take less time than traditional techniques that require excavation, but they also are more efficient and accurate. Here are the…

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Are You at Risk from Lead Pipes in Your Vintage Seattle Home?

The latest Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) water quality report shows, on average, that lead is below the level that requires action in Seattle homes but, bear in mind, that’s an average. Some homes may have discernable lead levels above the threshold the EPA considers actionable. You can have your household water tested for lead for…

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Sewer Pipe Leaks and Storm Water Causes Natural Issues

Roughly one-third of Seattle has old pipes called “combined” pipes that serve for both storm water and sewage waste. Aged pipes and infrastructure are a risk to Seattle’s water and wildlife when the sewers are taxed beyond their capacity. When sewage flow exceeds the capacity of the pipes, it overflows and can run out into…

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Seattle Area Water Main Blowout

Is Your Water Main Due for a Blow Out? Seattle’s Aging Pipes Going Bad Fast America’s water delivery infrastructure has aged to the point of near collapse. Across the US, at least 240,000 water mains go bad every year according to a recent EPA study. Water mains at the street are the problem of the city –…

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5 Warnings Signs of Water Line Problems

Water line problems? Here are 5 signs you should never ignore Sometimes water lines go bad because the pipes are old – sometimes it may be a problem with water line materials or it may be due to sloppy installation. No matter what caused your water line problem, it can be costly the longer you let…

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