Why Inspect Your Seattle Drains in the Spring

Seattle pipe inspection shouldn’t be reserved for when your plumbing system begins to malfunction. Scheduling a professional drain inspection for your home plumbing will allow you to detect small issues before they evolve into major catastrophes. After a long, cold winter, your pipes may have shifted or become misaligned. Either challenge can easily lead to…

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Sewer Risks for Older Seattle Buildings

Seattle Public Utilities says no to “flushable” wipes Seattle Public Utilities General Manager Mami Hara advises on that all types of wipes including “baby, surface, disinfecting, cleaning, flushable” should go in the garbage and not down your toilet. Hara writes, “They can clog sewer pipes.” The Seattle Public Utility also says not to put…

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Flushable Wipes – Should you flush them?

The Dangers of Flushable Wipes to Your Precious Pipes If you’ve fallen for the hype of flushable wipes and stock your bathroom with these cleansing TP alternatives, beware! There is no such thing as a “flushable” wipe and you’re begging for a sewer line disaster by using these moist towelettes for tushies. Full Bore can…

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The Dangers of Playing in Sewers

The Dangers of Playing in the Sewers – Don’t Mess Around, Call a Professional A recent news story from Federal Way, Washington showed that some children were believed to be living down in the sewers. Other versions of the story had the kids playing down there rather than being homeless kids taking refuge there. Either way, it should…

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7 Tips to Prevent Clogged Pipes

With Holidays Around the Corner, Don’t Clog Your Pipes with Grease and Gunk The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy family, friends and lots of food. Whether it’s a family get-together or big holiday blowout, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays bring good times but can also bring drain clogs. We see lots of drain…

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