Full Bore Can Save You Time and Money on Your Next Project

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Full Bore, a registered side sewer contractor, leads the way in innovative underground construction solutions for residential and commercial business property clients in the greater Seattle, Washington area. The experts at Full Bore provide high quality water line and sewer line repair and installation at affordable rates. We rely on advanced diagnostics and trenchless technology to minimize disruption to your property, shorten time for repairs to be completed and achieve better results.

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Here’s how we save you money

The most expensive part of a water or sewer line repair or installation is digging and then replacing what was dug up. This includes your landscaping – and if your lines run under a driveway or sidewalk, that means costly concrete work as well. With Full Bore trenchless technology, all of that is avoided. You won’t have to pay us to dig and you won’t have to pay to fix what was dug up. This also makes repairs and installation faster which gets you back to normal as soon as possible. Read More

Technology is the key to a top-notch water or sewer line job

When you think about your sewer and water lines, “high tech” is likely not what springs to mind. You flush and, if things are working right, everything goes down the drain. With your water line, when the tap comes on, clean water comes out and it washes down a drain with no backwash or clogs. Simple, right? But if there’s a clog or backup, there are hundreds of feet of pipe in a residence and even more in a business. The problem can be anywhere along that line.

Even if water is gushing from a particular spot, that may be a symptom and not the cause. Technology is what allows Full Bore to pinpoint the issue accurately and repair it properly. We use video line inspection so that we can view every inch of your sewer or water line to make sure all defects are spotted and repaired or replaced. This same technology ensures that an installation goes off without a hitch. You want a contractor with years of experience and that uses the latest tools – that’s Full Bore.

Expertise you can trust

Think twice before you call a national plumbing brand from TV. A locally-owned business cares about the community. And even larger local plumbers may sub out to contractors that may not have the expertise you need. When you choose Full Bore for your residential or commercial sewer or water line repair or installation, you always get our dedicated team on the job from start to finish. We’ll never sub out the work to anyone else. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We offer affordable rates, fast turnaround times, and the highest quality results with minimal disruption to your lawn or premises for all your residential or commercial sewer line and water line needs – both repairs and installation. Call us at (206) 259 0415 in Seattle. 

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