Save time, money and hassle with sewer pipe lining

If you have sewer line problems in Seattle, Tacoma, Bellingham, or anywhere in between, Full Bore can help with innovative solutions that save you time, money and hassle. In addition to video diagnosis to pinpoint the problem, we use the latest technology to solve your sewer problems. Sewer pipe lining – also known as Cured-in-Place Pipe (CIPP) – is the perfect alternative to pipe replacement. Contact Full Bore in Seattle at (206) 259 0415 to find out more.

Why Hire Full Bore?

  • We specialize in sewer line repair and installation
  • We are family owned and operated
  • We never farm out work to subcontractors- You will always get Full Bore experts on site with every job

What is the pipe lining process?

Lining creates a pipe within the existing pipe by injecting epoxy resin into the problem pipes then curing it in place to a hard, smooth, durable finish. Here’s how the process works:

#1 Video diagnosis

To make sure we know exactly what the problems are before we begin, we run a long scope through your sewer lines to assess the defects and pinpoint problem areas. We’ll look at all your lines, let you know what’s causing the problem, and offer the best solution.

#2 Clearing the pipes

We then use high pressure water or a pneumatic tool to clear out any blockages or roots, and scale off any calcification. This clears the pipe back to its original diameter. There may still be cracks or gaps in the lines, but these will be fixed in the next stage of the process.

#3 Install and cure the pipe liner

The epoxy lining is pulled into place and then a bladder is inflated to push the lining material into place within the diameter of the pipe to hold it in place while it cures. Once cured, the bladder is deflated and removed and you have perfect, like-new pipes.

Pipe lining delivers superior results

Choosing pipe lining instead of traditional sewer line replacement makes sense. This technology was developed 25 years ago and has proven to deliver lasting quality results. Here’s why you should use Full Bore for a pipe lining solution for your sewer problems:

  • As good as brand new pipes

Even if the pipe that you line falls apart around the lining, the cured epoxy will stand alone with impressive structural integrity. It is a pipe within a pipe and is just as good as (if not better than) replacing with new traditional pipes.

  • Installation causes no damage

With pipe lining, there is no need to dig into your yard and overturn your landscaping – and there’s no need to tear up your floors inside the house. Pipe lining is done from one end from one small hole and can usually done from an existing conduit.

  • Prevents future problems

The tough epoxy used in pipe lining molds to the original pipe (the host pipe) and fills in any gaps and breaks to create a brand-new seamless pipe that’s impenetrable to roots and prevents future leaks and problems.

  • Improves water flow

Because the new cured pipe is smoother than traditional pipe materials including concrete, iron or clay, the flow is unimpeded. Plus, there are no calcification deposits to slow your flow – no substances can adhere to the smooth epoxy.

  • More affordable

Compared to sewer pipe replacement with traditional materials, you can expect to save approximately 40% plus the job will be done faster and you won’t have to pay to repair your lawn or flooring because there’s no disruption.

  • Long-lasting solution

We offer a 10 year warranty on pipe lining solutions, but you can expect the benefits to last decades longer. The life-expectancy of epoxy pipe lining solutions is 50 years or more because it’s stronger than any other traditional material on the market.

To find out more, contact Full Bore Inc for a free quote. We are the top-rated residential and commercial underground contractor in Washington. We specialize in sewer line repair and installation, are family owned and operated – and we never, ever farm out work to subcontractors. You will always get Full Bore experts on site with every job – guaranteed. Call us in Seattle at (206) 259 0415.